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The Irish Mirror

Dr Jamie Brosch, Goodbody Clinic’s medical advisor, explores how a 3c breakfast can help lower high cholesterol and reduce heart attack risk.

The Express

Dr Jamie Brosch, Goodbody Clinic’s medical advisor, discusses how consuming ‘beta-glucan’ can cut back ‘bad’ cholesterol levels’.

The Metro

The Fit List: Prioritise self-care this month with the best in fitness and wellness buys.

The Mirror

Five of the best health tests women over 40 can take to ‘future-proof’ their wellness, including Goodbody Clinic’s diabetes (HbA1c) and breast cancer DNA tests.

The Mirror

World Heart Attack Day – Heart attack myths and misconceptions. Goodbody Clinic explores the signs you should never ignore.

London Daily News

Goodbody Clinic Launches At-Home Health Checks in Response to Increasing NHS Wait Times.