top 5 first time blood tests

Top 5 First Time Blood Tests

If you are new to the services of Goodbody Clinic or blood testing and you are not sure which test is right for you, we have the top 5 first time blood tests we think might suit you.

Basic Thyroid Function Blood Test (Home Kit) – Starting from £39

This simple home test kit checks the basic functionality of your thyroid gland. Thyroid disorders are common, but often go undiagnosed; the Basic Thyroid Function Blood Test will test to see whether you have an underactive, overactive or normally functioning thyroid.

As this is a home blood testing kit, you can simple use a finger prick lancet to take your blood sample. To order a Basic Thyroid Function Blood Test (Home Kit) please click here.

If you would like a more thorough thyroid blood test, we also offer a more in-depth Thyroid Function Blood Test. Please click here for more information.

Cholesterol Profile Blood Test – From £39

Our Cholesterol Profile Blood test measure you Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) and High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) levels, together with Triglycerides, to check your balance of good and bad cholesterol.
If you are curious about your cholesterol levels, or just want to check your overall health, this is the ideal test for you. Cholesterol plays a major part in our body’s functionality, and too much LDL can increase your risk of a stroke of heart attack.
You have the option of performing the Cholesterol Profile Blood Test at home via a finger prick test, or by a venous draw in-clinic.
Order a Cholesterol Profile Blood Test by clicking here.

Vitamin Profile Blood Test – Starting from £89

Our Vitamin Profile Blood Test is a great way to check your key vitamin levels, helping you to optimise your health.
Our bodies do not produce vitamins naturally, so they are largely acquired through ingesting certain foods. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is the best way for us to obtain all the vitamins and nutrients we need. Dark leafy greens, vegetables and legumes are rich in vitamins, as well as nuts, dairy, and meat. However, certain diets such as vegetarianism and veganism, can be deficient in certain vitamins, such as Vitamin B12.
Everyone in the UK is also susceptible to being deficient in Vitamin D, due to the country’s climate. Goodbody Clinic’s Vitamin Profile Blood Test is a good way to start your health journey, as it is available as a home finger prick testing kit or as a venous draw test.
Order a Vitamin Profile Blood Test today by clicking here.

Heart Disease & Diabetes Blood Test – Starting from £99

This thorough Heart Health & Diabetes Blood Test will check your cholesterol levels, inflammation and risk of diabetes or pre-diabetes. All these health areas are key to happy and healthy heart functionality.

This test is a great way for anyone with health worries to monitor their risk of heart disease, alongside other general wellness concerns. It is more comprehensive than a standalone Cholesterol Profile or Diabetes Profile, but your blood sample must be taken via venous draw, by one of our trained phlebotomists.

Order a Heart Health & Diabetes Blood Test by clicking here.

Advanced Well Woman Profile or Advanced Well Man Profile – Starting from £175

These advanced health screenings give a comprehensive insight into your liver, kidney and thyroid functionality, cholesterol and hormone levels, risk of diabetes and vitamin status and many more biomarkers. This is an excellent all-round MOT for your health and is the best value for money in our complete health service range.
No matter what stage of life you’re at, the Advanced Well Woman or Well Man Profile will dynamic look at your health and give you indicators on how to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

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